Sunday, October 4, 2015

UAA Ticket Prices

Ok...I keep hearing that UAA hockey dropped the ticket prices to $10 a ticket, but everything I read indicates..."plus applicable service fees". So how much exactly are these "applicable" service fees? I've been a season ticketholder for many years so I don't know the exact fees the Sullivan is charging for individual ticket. However, if they want to get the word out...they need to let folks know exactly how much they will be paying (including service charges). A $10 ticket with a $3-$4 service for a family of 5 can make a helluva difference between...watching it at home or heading to the arena.
UAA Athletics...let us know upfront what it's going to cost @ a minimum to walk up to the Sully and purchase tickets. Also, you may consider allowing students to get their "free parking pass" upfront (before the season) not at 4pm the day of the game. I lot of token adjustment to increase attendance...but little attention to the details of implementation. In the long run...I'll be there, but the new fans your trying to reach out to just might not show up!